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Today the fast-food store was able to sell a total of 119 specials. Chicken Littles were the bestselling special for the day since the business was able to sell a total of 25 pieces which yielded a total of $87.50. On the other hand, the Yummy Burger did poorly today in the market since we were only able to sell 17 pieces and its cost is the least of all. On average the business earned a total of $50.50 from each special.

Conditions to use median rather than the mean as a measure of the central tendency

The median is better to use as a measure of the central tendency than the mean when the data under study comprises of outliers. For example, if we are examining the income of 10 households and 9 of them has their income ranging between $20,000 and $100,000 annually and one household has an income of $1,000,000,000.
The median is best to use when we are analyzing data that is from a strongly skewed distribution. For example, when we have scores for 10 students’ performance in a test and 8 of them have scores ranging from 70 to 80 while the two have 30 and 50 respectively.

Toy July sales August Sales September sales mean sales median
Slammer $12,345.00 $14,453.00 $15,435.00 $14,077.67 $14,453.00
Radar Zinger $31,454.00 $34,567.00 $29,678.00 $31,899.67 $31,454.00
Potato Gun $3,253.00 $3,121.00 $5,131.00 $3,835.00 $3,253.00
mean Sales $15,684.00 $17,380.33 $16,748.00 $16,604.11

median $12,345.00 $14,453.00 $15,435.00

12/1 through 12/7 12/8 through 12/15 12/16 through 12/23
0-4 years 12 14 15
5-9 years 15 12 14
10-14 years 12 24 21
15-19 years 38 12 19

Mean = (12+15+12+38)/4 = 19.25 mean = (14+12+24+12)/4 = 15.5 mean = (15+14+21+19) = 17.25
Median = (15+12)/2 = 13.5 median = (12+14)/ 2 = 13 median = (14+15)/2 = 17
The most useful measure of central tendency is the mean since the data is not skewed nor does it have outliers.

Why is the range the most convenient measure of dispersion yet the most imprecise of variability? When would you use the range?
The range only gives information about the extreme values but not about the typical values, hence the use of is limited. We can only use the range when it is narrow- meaning that when there are no outliers.

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From the data given it is evident that the number of passengers who use evening flights are generally more than those who use morning flights. (The mean of the number of passengers in the morning is 245 while that of evening flights is 297.)
Also there is large number of flights to Washington followed by to number of passengers who travel to Kansas City and to Providence respectively. It can noted that there are more passenger who take flights on Fridays to each city than on Thursday to the same city.